Berikut adalah potongan tulisan dari Joe Veix berjudul APPS FOR SAPS mengenai keresahan akan munculnya semua aplikasi aplikasi untuk martphone yang bertendensi menjadikan tiap anak 13 tahun akan menjadi mata mata atau pembunuh bayaran paling canggih saat menginjak tahun ke 21 nya bila terus dicecar oleh gempita teknologi instant. (ya kaliikkkk vannnn… keliatan banget sih gak ada ide nulis… ah yang penting update! :p )

aplikasi tersebut antara lain..


This app uses complex algorithms to determine your greatest fears—even some you didn’t know you had, like of scorpion eggs in your toothpaste—and whispers them into your ear while you sleep. It allows you to experience your fears while dreaming, with gradually increasing intensity, eventually helping you to overcome them. While many test users have experienced debilitating fits of anxiety, the developer claims that this is rare, and that iFear will soon rid the world of all fear.



This app geolocates all the friends and lovers who have abandoned you, and then determines the real reasons they left. For example, they may no longer have been able to stand your naïve obsession with an unreachable, consumer-based techno-utopia. It then allows you to send them a customizable e-card to explain in raw, honest prose how lonely you feel lusting for physical objects, but how it’s easier than having your heart broken again, in a hundred and forty characters or less.


Selamat siang.. :*


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